Fundraising Disappointment for the Women of the Wall

August 20, 2018

Rabbis against New Israel Fund: 'It fights against Judaism

August 19, 2018

Rabbis Eliyahu, Lior and Aviner call upon religious Zionist organizations to sever contact with NIF. "They seek to destroy us from within."

Chaos at the Kotel

June 14, 2018

'Women of the Wall' infiltrates women's section of Western Wall during mass Rosh Chodesh prayer, causing a commotion.

A Clear Message to the Women of the Wall

June 06, 2018

Attorney General says Women of the Wall must pray in designated area and can be removed from Western Wall if they do not comply.

Women file complaint after being abused by Women of the Wall

May 25, 2018

Women of the Wall push, verbally abuse, women and teens praying at Western Wall.

Chief Rabbinate should not control Western Wall’s mixed prayer section, says AG

March 06, 2018

In a response to the High Court, government says those praying at the Robinson's arch pluralistic pavilion should be protectIn a response to the High Court, government says those praying at the Robinson's arch pluralistic pavilion should be protected by policeed by police

Permits requested to expand egalitarian prayer section at Jerusalem’s Western Wall

March 01, 2018

The goal is to expand the size of the area in accordance with original plans laid out in a January 2016 Western Wall resolution.

Minister Hanegbi Vows Egalitarian Prayer Site at the Kotel "Will be Beautiful"

February 19, 2018

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan added that "agreements reached in good faith must be honored."

The Western Wall is Supposed to Unify Not Divide

February 28, 2018

The Western Wall of the Temple Mount is supposed to unify the Jewish people, not divide us. Unfortunately, there are leaders of US Conservative and Reform Jewry who are using it to cause division. This is a very sad development for the Jewish people and for Israel.

You Know Who Isn’t Abandoning Israel? The Orthodox!

February 15, 2018


Not only are the Orthodox not losing numbers; their attachment to Israel is stronger than ever.

Work Begins on Pluralistic Prayer Pavilion at Kosel...


The Israeli government began on Monday to implement a promised upgrade of the pluralistic prayer pavilion at the Kosel, to appease the Reform and Conservative movements and Women of the Wall.

Scaffolding went up on Monday near Robinson’s Arch area near the existing temporary platform, preliminary to the construction of a permanent one.



On January 14th Israel’s Supreme Court met for a four-hour session regarding the issue of women’s prayer at the Western Wall. The judges sat with an expanded seven justice panel and heard petitions by five plaintiffs whose suits against the State of Israel go to the heart of what constitutes appropriate prayers and proper decorum at the Kotel and its surrounding vicinity. It was the sixth such hearing on this issue to come before the court over the past twenty years, and the first presided over by the Supreme Court’s new chief justice Esther Hayut.

'Dividing Western Wall for the Reform will Divide the People'

January 14, 2018


Head of Ateret Cohanim says Chief Rabbinate must approve any change at Western Wall, site must be respected as a synagogue.

Women of the Wall turn to Police

January 18, 2018


Women of the Wall (WOW) Chairman Anat Hoffman filed a complaint this morning with the police about leaflets distributed at the Western Wall which they claim incite against them. The flyers were distributed during Rosh Hodeshprayers to passers-by at the Western Wall plaza.

Women of the Wall to court: State’s proposal is humiliating

January 14, 2018


The Women of the Wall slammed the government’s latest proposal for a compromise on an egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall during a High Court hearing on Sunday, months after the state backed out of its original commitments.

מתי דן חושש מחלוקת הכותל

April 27, 2017

יו"ר עמותת עטרת כהנים, מתי דן, התייחס הבוקר (חמישי) בראיון לערוץ 7 לפרובוקציה החודשית שהתקיימה גם הבוקר ברחבת הכותל על ידי נשים מארגון "נשות הכותל".

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