• Shomrei HaKotel Staff

This Has to Stop

Today on Rosh Chodesh Tamuz 5778, there was a mass Orthodox prayer event for both men and women held at the Western Wall, alongside the provoking posture of the Women of the Wall.

Despite the desire of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation and the police to separate between the Women of the Wall and the indigenous mass of worshipers, Women of the Wall chose to integrate themselves among the Orthodox women whilst continuing their egalitarian services - all with the clear intent of disrupting the monthly prayer event.

These actions are not only highly offensive, but run counter to both the directives of the Supreme Court and the Justice Department and once again a breach of the "status quo". High level officials of the justice department were in attendance to observe the situation firsthand. They were taken aback by how the Women of the Wall clearly aimed to sow conflict and division at the holy site - while completely disregarding both the court order and directives of the justice department.

This complete disregard for the rule of the law, exhibited by Women of the Wall, comes on the heels of the organization receiving yet another warning - in writing - from the assistant to the to the Attorney General. The warning explicitly states that legal steps would be taken against the leadership and participants of the group if it fails to confine itself to the area designated by the local authorities – namely the Western Wall Heritage Foundation and local Police.

Yet the provocation of the Women of the Wall was not limited to disregard for the law.

According to eyewitness accounts, the Women of the Wall left Sifrei Torah on the floor in garbage bags. Mrs. Leah Aaharoni, Director and Founder of Women For the Wall reported, "We were shocked the Women of the Wall would stoop so low to leave our Holy of Holies on the floor! Clearly there is no limit to the desecration these women will do to achieve their nefarious goals". Aharoni also mentioned that assault charges were filed against Anat Hoffman after she attacked several of the women protesting her detestable behavior. Aharoni called on the Rav of the Kotel, the Ministry of Justice, and the police "to bring order and dignity back to the Kotel immediately".

Once again Women of the Wall illustrated what we already knew, they have complete disregard for the law of the land and a stark inability to be respectful to the religious needs and sensitivities of others. As such, Shomrei Hakotel joins the joint committee to safeguard the sanctity of the Kotel by calling upon the Supreme Court, the Justice Department, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, the police and the Attorney General to vigilantly follow through with their warnings and take the appropriate legal action against Women of the Wall for their divisive, abhorrent and illegal actions.