• Shomrei HaKotel Staff

Kiddush Hashem at the Kotel

Hundreds of B'not Ulpana and Yeshiva students, arrived this morning for a festive Rosh Chodesh service in the central square of the Western Wall, where hundreds of women and girls. The great turnout was a result of the the great pain and anguish our community felt in light of the desecration of the Wall, with a call to preserve the sanctity of the Wall from egalitarian groups provocation.

The presence of the our students, who got up early in the morning and reached the Western Wall from all over the country, prevented the Women of the Wall from entering the women's section again, forcing the police to act and maintain order.

Following the prayers, our student volunteers enjoyed a series of educational lectures that took place near the southern square of the Western Wall, marking the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel. Moreover, we were graced with the presence of the Chief Rabbi, Rabbi David Lau, shlita, who spoke of the redemption of Egypt and Israel's right to preserve the Torah In Egypt...

Per Rav Lau, "the Jews of Egypt stood strong and did not speak Egyptian, they were careful to preserve their Holy Tongue, they were hedged, but they preserved their sacred tradition, even after 210 years in Egypt it was evident that they were the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, giving God reason to redeem them". Rav Lau continued, "This morning, in the very early hours of the morning, you fought hard to preserve our Jewish identity, to pray as our forefathers had prayed for generations. We have have merited to be the generation that God has returned to the land of our love, the land of our forefathers".

..."It is precisely this generation, the generation that the Creator chose to return to our land and establish our state, that shows a strong sense of commitment to preserving holiness, holiness and purity... "In the way that God sees how we guard and his holy places he merit us with the full redemption"... At the end of his speech, Rav Lau concluded that "we are all in one prayer, just as we have been blessed until now. that continued to bless us and we hope to soon rebuild the Temple - amen."