On January 14, 2018 an almost unprecedented seven Supreme Court justices heard petitions by five plaintiffs whose suits against the State of Israel go to the heart of what constitutes appropriate prayer decorum and custom at the Kotel and surrounding vicinity.


At the forefront of this battle is Rabbi Mati Dan - the founder of Ateret Cohanim, a charitable organization located in the Muslim quarter of the Old City - whose lifelong goal has been to redeem old Jewish homes and resettle Jews throughout the Old City and its surroundings.


With a lifelong dedication to community activism, Rabbi Dan has now made it his mission to "Save the Kotel"​, sparing no effort in a campaign to ensure that the Israeli government and judicial system remain faithful to the core traditional values of the Jewish people.


Utilizing a two pronged strategy, Rabbi Dan buses in upwards of a thousand men and women from throughout Israel, with the goal of countering the Women of the Wall monthly Rosh Chodesh "prayer"​ demonstrations. In tandem, for the past two years Rabbi Dan has employed a team of lawyers with a mission to legally challenge the supposed authority of the state and courts to address this issue.


As stated by Rabbi Dan, only if the courts and state see that there are real consequences to their disastrous decisions will they think twice before they force a resolution which runs counter to traditional Jewish practice and customs.


To date, Rabbi Dan has independently shouldered both the public relations as well as the financial burden of these operations - amounting to over half a million dollars raised and spent thus far...


It was with this ever increasing burden in mind that this website was established to generate awareness and increased involvement of the greater orthodox community on this matter.


It is only with a mobilized community to "Save the Wall"​ that Rabbi Dan and the greater Shomrei HaKotel staff can continue their efforts in fighting not only for the future standing of the Kotel but for the religious character of Eretz Yisrael itself.


Mati Dan

Honorary President and Director

Community Activist and Founder of Ateret Cohanim, a charitable organization located in the Muslim quarter of the Old City, Mati Dan has become known throughout the Jewish community as the tip of the spear in the battle for the sanctity of the Kotel.

Rav Michael Peleg

Rabbinic Affairs Liaison

Rav Michoel Peleg serves as the rabbinic affairs liaison for Shomrei HaKotel. 

When Rav Peleg is not updating the Gedolim of the activities and future plans of Shomrei HaKotel, he serves as a full time Rosh Yeshiva and Rosh Kollel in the old city and has published several seforim, including a publication which introduced a a unique approach for memorization of Shas

Leah Aharoni

Founder & Director of Women for the Wall

Leah Aharoni is the founder of Women for the Wall, a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving the sanctity of the Kotel in the spirit of Jewish unity.


In her role as business consultant, coach, and Torah teacher she has empowered thousands of women to discover and actualize their unique gifts and abilities, while staying true to Torah values.


She lives with her husband and children in the Jerusalem area.

Yechezkel Moskowitz

Director of Operations

Yechezkel Moskowitz is a special assistant to Cherna Moskowitz while in tandem acting as the operations director of the Cherna Moskowitz policy institute/think tank.


He is also the acting director of operations at Shomrei HaKotel keeping the wall untied and undivided.

Odeleya Jacobs

Director of Communications

Odeleya Jacobs is married to Dr. Steven Jacobs DDS, who as a couple have been engaged in community activism, specifically anything that has to do with lobbying for Eretz Yisrael HaShelema and mainting the sanctity of the Am HaYehudi.
Odeleya has coordinated several Knesset conferences for various organizations and has recently taken the role of director of media and
Public relations at Shomrei HaKotel. 

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